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Nightingale Health Care

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Our Commitment and Vision

With a caring spirit, Nightingale Health Care performs thorough and personalized examinations. Though certified to do DOT examinations and physicals, Nightingale Health Care also provides comprehensive care and telemedicine services.

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Nightingale Health Care

Services Offered

  • Family healthcare

  • Weight loss assistance

  • DOT / Employment physicals

  • School / Sports Physicals

  • Intravenous treatments

  • Acute illness

  • Annual Wellness Physical

  • Mental Health Treatment

  • Electrolyte Treatment

  • Prescription refills

  • Telemedicine


Nightingale Health Care provides telemedicine services for patient's that are not able to visit in person. These services are available to those in the entire state of Florida to make it easy for you to have the best healthcare anywhere.

Nightingale Health Care